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Bütün xalqımızı dünya müsəlmanlarının əziz bayramı münasibətilə təbrik edirik. Tutduğunuz oruclarınızın və dualarınızın qəbul olunmasını diləyirik! Read more

Ağıllı ev sahibi olmaq və ya sistemin imkanlarını öyrənmək istəyirsinizsə, Bizi sosial media hesablarımızdan izləməyi unutmayın! Odur ki, Almaniyanın ən öndə gedən markalarından biri olan "Larnitech" şirkətinin istehsalı olan məhsullarımız Sizin tərəfinizdən kəşf ... Read more

Because of migration to new Billing system we apologize in advance for any temporary inconvenience may arise on services we provide. Read more

"Konnekt" MMC olaraq bütün Azərbaycan xalqını “Dünya Azərbaycanlılarının Həmrəyliyi günü” və “Yeni il” münasibətilə təbrik edirik! Bu yeni ildə Sizlərə yalnız sevinc və sevgi dolu günlər arzulayırıq! ❤️ Read more

As Connect LLC, we bow before the dear souls of our martyrs, who kept the honor of our homeland and nation alive in their souls and carried it in their blood. Each of our martyrs, who gave us this sense of pride and rose to the level of eternal immortality, will become our source of pride ... Read more

After downloading the NNTV mobile application to your smartphone, you can watch the world's 200 most popular TV channels on your iOS or Android phone by sending an SMS to the short number 4040, obtaining a Login and Password.To download the mobile application: Price and ... Read more

Government Payment Portal management payments can be made by selecting the online payment segment at or at, from the Bank branch, Azerpost and NakhchivanPost branches in both cash and non-cash form. Read more

 Despite the fact that Connect has been operating under the SmartHome brand since 2020, Konnekt LLC continues to succeed in this area with the widest range and quality of service in our country. Represented our country as the sole company at the conference "Meeting of Larnitech partners and ... Read more

Our new Customer Service Center, based on the innovative solutions of CONNECT SmartHome and being the most modern customer service office in our country, is at your service 24/7!The new ustomer Service Center is ready to welcome you and provide the highest level of service! Address: Baku, Narimanov ... Read more

Considering of the beginning of summer and vacation season, CONNECT TV announces the launch of a new campaign! Customers, who will pay the subscription fee for three months in advance for the "Premium" tariff plan from 05.06.2020 to 30.06.2020, will have opportunity to connect to CONNECT TV ... Read more

CONNECT company is the first and only company in Azerbaijan that provides broadcasts in Ultra-HD 4K format, launches a new campaign - “Choose 4K tariff, get 1 month for free!”. From 01/06/2020 to 01/07/2021, when connecting to the tariff plans "Standart + Ultra HD-4K" or "Premium + Ultra HD-4K" ... Read more

CONNECT LLC has joined to the ongoing in our country support campaign, thereby demonstrated its solidarity and unity. On April 17, 2020, 100 low-income families living in the "Mezun evi" apartment building, located at Absheron dist., Masazir settlement, "Duz zavodu" highway, house 1, received ... Read more

Soon you will be able to use all functionality of NNTV directly from your browser! And today you can test Virtual NNTV by visiting the website below. Link: Test login: 1111 Test password: 1111 For more information: (012) 177; Whatsapp: (+99455) 510 88 48 Read more

Dear subscribers! #stayathome with CONNECT TV and get access to all channels! Taking into account the special quarantine regime in our country, we would like to inform you that during the struggle against coronavirus infection (COVID-19) you will be able to watch all channels of CONNECT TV, ... Read more

Now we are at the distance of your mobile device! Meet the “MyCONNECT” mobile application! Download “MyCONNECT” to your Android or IOS device and take advantage of application’s rich opportunities! Using the “MyCONNECT” application, you can, without contacting the 159 call center, ... Read more

Dear subscribers, We want to inform you that due to the Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis, on March 31, 2020, the broadcasting of music and entertainment channels will be suspended until 00:00. Read more

Dear subscribers! On behalf of the team of the company "CONNECT", we heartily congratulate you on the holiday Novruz! We wish you spring mood, health and happiness on these bright holidays. Happy Holiday! Read more

Dear ladies! On behalf of the team of "CONNECT" company, we congratulate you on International Women's Day and wish you good health, family well-being and success! Read more

Dear subscribers! We want to inform you that we increased the number of channels for users of NNTV service. İn "Standard" package the number of channels is 171, in "Premium" package is 198. For more information: (012) 159; Whatsapp.(+99455) 510 88 48 Read more

Dear subscribers! We want to bring to your attention that the Customer Service, located at the address Baku, Yasamal district, st. Zivarbek Akhmedbekova 2, now at your service every day of the week. Opening hours: from 10:00 to 18:00 For more information: (012) 159; Whatsapp: (+99455) 510 ... Read more

Dear CONNECT İnternet subscribers! From February 1, 2020, the subscription fee for Internet services fully charges at the beginning of each billing period. To use the Internet service for a month, we ask you to fully pay the monthly subscription fee before the end of each billing ... Read more

Paying just 45 AZN to connect to the NNTV service, you will get the opportunity to view the Premium package for free for 5 months. Installation - free Equipment - 45 AZN + 5 months of free watching (Premium package) For more information: 159 whatsapp: (+99455) 510 88 48 Read more

Dear subscribers!In connection with the holidays “International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis” and “The New Year” from December 30, 2019 to January 5, 2020 you will be able to watch all channels, regardless of the monthly package. Happy holidays!For more information: tel. (012) ... Read more

In period of 12/20/2019 and 12/31/2019 film an interesting and creative congratulation video related to the holidays “New Year” and “Day of Solidarity of Azerbaijanis of the whole world”, at the the background of the CONNECT banner installed at the intersection of Fatali Khan Khoyski / ... Read more

Only until 01 July 2021 100 Mbit/s tariff for just 50 AZN, instead of 160! Hurry up and take advantage of the short-term offer! For subscribers connected during the campaign, the monthly fee remains unchanged.   Note: The offer is valid only for new connected individuals. For more information: ... Read more

31 October 2019

Dear subscribers! From November 1, 2019, subscription fees through E-MANAT terminals will be suspended. Please use other payment terminals. Read more

The first 100 people who called 159 to connect will become CONNECT TV subscribers for free!   İnstalling: free TV tuner: free   Duration of the campaign: 20.10.2019-20.11.2019   * The company reserves the right to withdraw equipment if the monthly subscription fee from the subscriber is ... Read more

Dear subscribers! We would like to inform you that we have increased the number of channels in the "Ultra HD-4K" tariff plan! Now "Ultra HD-4K" offers You 11 channels in 4K quality instead of 6!   For more information: 159 Whatsapp: (+99455) 510 88 48   Read more

Connect to high-speed Internet from CONNECT and get a connection card for NNTV service with a three-month Premium subscription for free. Link to download NNTV mobile application:  For more information: 159 whatsapp.(+99455) 510 88 48 Read more

Dear subscribers! We want to inform you that due to the changes carried out since September 2, 2019 in the television network, broadcast of some TV channels has been changed. For this reason, some TV tuners need to be configured. For more information, please call (012) 159. Read more

2 September 2019

New ULTRA HD-4K tariff plan Now your favorite channels in high definition! Choose Ultra HD-4K tarif plan and enjoy high definition!   At the moment there are 11 channels in the new tariff plan.*   *pluged-in TV must have an input for the Cam-module and support 4K technology. The number of ... Read more

2 September 2019

New Campaign from CONNECT for ADSL sevice- «Come join!»!   Great opportunity to return to CONNECT! With a free reconnection, all debts are reset!   Terms and duration of the campaign:   Campaign duration is one month. Each subscriber can participate in the campaign only 1 time.   Campaign ... Read more

Dear subscribers! Summer Campaign is over! The subscribers, who paid the highest amount during the summer campaign, are: 637497557, 885227192, 391216839, 457363515, 834739448, 224484485, 645834891, 365621971, 673139847, 158524169.   We thank for active participation and we congratulate the ... Read more

Join NNTV and watch the first 6 months premium package for free! - Connection - free- Equipment - 60 AZN + 6 months for free (Premium package)- Duration: 3 months. Read more

We increased the speed of the Internet up to 3 times! Just pay monthly fee, become the participation of the campaign "Maximum speed" For additional information 159. Choose CONNECT, exceed the borders of speed!   Campaign start date: 01.08.2019 Read more

Leading contract numbers for 20.08.19: 637497557, 885227192, 391216839. Pay for several months in advance, get a chance to become a winner! Campaign winners will be announced on August 21.   Duration of the campaign: 20.07-20.08.2019 Read more

From July 20 to August 20, 2019, starts the Summer Campaign for individual TV subscribers. During the campaign, 10 subscribers who paid the highest amount for a subscription fee will receive a chance to win the following prizes: 1st place - a weekly trip for two in the recreation area “Park ... Read more

19 July 2019

The long-expected moment has arrived! There is only 1 day left before the start of summer campaign. Take part and win!  Read more

Hot deal on hot days! It remains only 2 days before the start of the summer campaign from CONNECT.  Read more

Spend the last days of summer with Connect! Only 3 days left before the summer campaign Read more

Hot offer from Connect TV! There are only 4 days before the start of the summer campaign. For more information, stay with us. Read more

15 July 2019

Couldn't go to holiday this summer? Then we begin the return counting! There are only 5 days before the start of the summer campaign. Read more

Excellent news for subscribers and also for new users of NNTV!   - Connection is free - The equipment - 60 AZN + 6 months of free broadcasting ( Premium package ) - Duration - 3 months Read more

We are launching a new project!   The new broadcasting system provided by CONNECT offers the most popular local and foreign TV channels for hotels and corporate clients.   The new system has the following advantages: ⠀ - No need for a TV tuner; - Ability to connect to the ... Read more

When paying for a subscription fee for CONNECT Fiber Optic internet service for 6 months in advance, the new and existing subscribers will receive 1 month of Internet service for free.(6 + 1)   Also, when paying fee for 12 months, subscribers will receive 2 months of Internet service ... Read more

11 January 2019

Join NNTV and watch the first 6-month premium package for free! - Connection - free- Equipment - 60 AZN + 6 months for free (Premium package)- Duration: 3 months. Read more

Google is planning to close another of its services in the near future - the Hangouts messenger.   Hangouts was created in 2013 and during this time has already got more than a billion downloads on Google Play. Now it exists as a standalone application and is integrated with Gmail and some ... Read more

26 November 2018

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19 November 2018

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16 November 2018

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9 November 2018

- Read more

5 November 2018

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29 October 2018

- Read more

With NNTV mobile you can watch the most popular TV channels directly on your iOS or Android phone. By downloading the NNTV mobile application on your smartphone, you can get a Login and Password by sending SMS to the short number - 9229. To download the mobile application, click on the link: ... Read more

23 October 2018

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23 October 2018

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19 October 2018

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15 October 2018

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12 October 2018

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10 October 2018

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8 October 2018

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Security and cryptography researcher Matthew Green discovered a new unannounced feature in Google Chrome that automatically authorizes users without their knowledge. The specialist wrote about this in his blog. According to Green, if users go to any of the Google services, including YouTube or ... Read more

28 September 2018

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28 September 2018

 “Alaskan Bush People" is a reality-documentary series that introduces the Brown family  Billy, wife Ami and their seven grown children who  according to Discovery  are interesting because "they are unlike any other family in America." They refer to themselves as a "wolf pack" and, perhaps ... Read more

Reality show, which will plunge both spectators and participants with a head into a pristine, unbridled nature and truly wild conditions. Participants will be sent to the uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean. Take any electronic devices and other useful gadgets with you. The key goal of ... Read more

14 September 2018

After the development and implementation of the Full HD format, which quickly became the everyday characteristic of almost any modern TV, manufacturers thought about what else can attract the interest of the mass consumer? Trying with 3D quickly failed, as, however, and with a curved screen. But ... Read more

16 April 2018

  For subscribers of CONNECT TV! The channel NTV spor was replaced by the channel A-spor. Read more

30 January 2018

Dear subscribers! Considering that from February 1, 2018 the monthly fee for TV services will be withdrawn in advance for a full month, we ask you to complete your balance for at least 1 month in advance. To select a daily form of payment, you need to contact one of the subscriber departments of ... Read more

Connect TV equipment at more accessible prices! Now paying 70 AZN, you can buy a full set of Connect TV equipment. Read more

NNTV with the daily and monthly capabilities of mobile TV is at your service! Daily tariff for mobile TV - 0,20 AZN Monthly tariff for mobile TV - 5AZN The cost for connection to both tariffs is 2 AZN. Note: With connecting to NNTV MOBILE tariffs, at the same time viewing is only possible on one ... Read more

Hand over the old SD receiver, get a new HD receiver! Users of SD-receivers purchase a new HD-tuner, paying subscription for 12 months. Read more

16 November 2017

For subscribers of CONNECT TV! From February 1, 2018, will be applied daily and monthly payment. For channels Standard package (100 channels) monthly  10, daily payment 0.50 AZN, for premium package (115 channels) monthly 15, daily payment 0.70 AZN.   Note. The minimum amount for a daily payment ... Read more

15 November 2017

NNTV at a better price! The price of the NTV set top box already 60 AZN! See 100 channels at 2 mb! For more information 177   Read more

The summer season with Connect is not over! All connected during October month, 4 months free broadcasting! Number: 159 Read more

For information of Users NNTV !!! Pay the monthly fee for 2 months and get 1month as a gift. Read more

Join now to NNTV, get 4 months of free viewing and take advantage of other opportunities of NNTV. Beginning date of the campaign: 07.08.2017 Read more

Returning the old SD receiver, pay only 45 AZN and get a new HD receiver, as well as a month of free viewing. Do not miss your chance. Read more

13 June 2017

Now residents of Ganja can also connect to CONNECT TV and watch more than 70 channels! Read more

18 May 2017

NNTV channels now in HD! Read more

Everyone wishing to connect CONNECT TV, 4 months viewing for free!  The company is valid until 30.09.2017. Read more

Give us an old SD receiver, get a new HD receiver and 3 months of free viewing in just 70 AZN. Read more

Dear ladies, Connect congratulates you on the international women's day! Read more

Everyone wishing to connect CONNECT TV, 2 months viewing for free!  The company is valid until 30.04.2017. Read more

1 November 2016

Campaign "Qızıl Payız" from CONNECT TV. Everyone wishing to connect CONNECT TV, 2 months viewing for free!   The company is valid until 31.12.2016. Read more

Connect to the GOLD-PREMIUM tariff package, get free CONNECT HD equipment! Read more

Dear subscribers,     We would like to inform you that discounts Tv+Tv and Tv+Internet  on the SD reсeivers will be canceled  from November 1, 2016. To receive discounts please go to the new HD equipment. Read more

Dear TV subscribers! Now Connect TV 1 and Connect TV  2   is airing programs and films in 2 languages.You can watch programs on original language and Russian language.Use the remote control to choose the language for the audio button. Read more

Another possible connection to CONNECT TV! Join now connect to the Connect TV with "Bolcard" and pay in installments! 12 months 0 % interest rate, down payment!  Read more

В связи с переходом к новой системе, необходимо сделать следующее расположение указанные внизу.     11700 MHz Az Tv Lider SPACE İctimai ANS Azad Azərbaycan Xəzər İdman TRT-1 VIP CBC ... Read more

15-20 июня 2016 года  будут проводиться профилактические работы, в связи с этим могут быть  перерывы в трансляции в некоторых каналах.  Read more

One of the companies that regularly provide new innovations in the field of information and communication technologies of Azerbaijan the company "CONNECT", reduced tariffs for internet service from 1st of march of current year. Thus, from abovementioned date tariff reduction will be applied to both ... Read more

Dear subscribers, We sincerely congratulate You on the occasion of the Day of Solidarity of World Azerbaijanis and New Year. We wish You and Your families healthy and long life, happiness, new successes and achievements in the new 2016 year. Congratulations!   Read more

One of the leading companies of Azerbaijan in the field of information and communication technologies, the company CONNECT is announces that Subscriber Service Offices of company are operating not only in different parts of capital city and the surrounding villages, but also in the Centers of "ASAN ... Read more

Dear subscribers, We would like to bring to your attention that, due to technical problems in the network of the telecommunication provider "Delta Telecom", a few hours ago there was a pause in internet connection in the territory of country. We would like also note that for continued use of ... Read more

The operator of cable television and internet provider “CONNECT” has updated the section “Personal Cabinet” on its official website So, after the ongoing works in the section “Personal Cabinet” the information about internet services updated and TV section ... Read more

  From 16 to 18 October 2015 in Baku will be held the fashion show «Baku Fashion Nights 2015". The event will take place with the organizational support of the school «FMS Models», «Excelsior Hotel & Spa» and the international channel ID FASHION, which is rebroadcasting by CONNECT TV ... Read more

  CBC SPORT channel is rebroadcasting by CONNECT TV cable television. According the reached agreement between CONNECT TV cable operator television and CBC SPORT channel, the new sport channel of Azerbaijan is rebroadcasting by CONNECT TV from 1st of October 2015 year. Starting from mentioned date, ... Read more

23 September 2015

Dear subscribers !   We cordially congratulate you on the occasion of the holy Eid Holiday of whole Islamic world. We wish you long and health life, prosperity, abundance, success and achievements. May all your dreams come true, and Almighty Allah accept your sacrifice. Read more

Dear subscribers, We would like to kindly inform you that according to the agreement reached between the CONNECT TV and the Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan, on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays the games of Topaz Premier League is rebroadcasting by CONNECT TV cable television. In ... Read more


Monthly subscription fee

Choose a channel package Number of TV services
Standart 113 TV channels
Premium 130 TV channels
Standart+4K 124 TV channels
Premium+4K 141 TV channels
Choose your speed Speed (Mbit/sec)
Internet ADSL
2/1 Mbit/sec - 11 AZN
4/1 Mbit/sec - 12 AZN
6/1 Mbit/sec - 14 AZN
8/1 Mbit/sec - 15 AZN
12/1 Mbit/sec - 20 AZN
16/1 Mbit/sec - 30 AZN
20/1 Mbit/sec - 40 AZN
24/1 Mbit/sec - 45 AZN
Biznes 2/1 Mbit/sec - 11 AZN
Biznes 4/1 Mbit/sec - 12 AZN
Biznes 8/1 Mbit/sec - 15 AZN
Biznes 12/1 Mbit/sec - 20 AZN
Biznes 16/1 Mbit/sec - 30 AZN
Biznes 20/1 Mbit/sec - 40 AZN
Biznes 24/1 Mbit/sec - 45 AZN
Internet Fiberoptic
FO-EV-4 4/4 Mbit/sec - 12 AZN
FO-EV-18 18/18 Mbit/sec - 15 AZN
FO-EV-20 20/20 Mbit/sec - 18 AZN
FO-EV-30 30/30 Mbit/sec - 20 AZN
FO-EV-35 35/35 Mbit/sec - 25 AZN
FO-EV-45 45/45 Mbit/sec - 35 AZN
FO-EV-50 50/50 Mbit/sec - 40 AZN
FO-EV-55 55/55 Mbit/sec - 50 AZN
FO-EV-60 60/60 Mbit/sec - 60 AZN
FO-EV-70 70/70 Mbit/sec - 80 AZN
FO-EV-80 80/80 Mbit/sec - 100 AZN
FO-EV-90 90/90 Mbit/sec - 130 AZN
FO-EV-100 100/100 Mbit/sec - 160 AZN
FO-Biznes-4 4/4 Mbit/sec - 12 AZN
FO-Biznes-16 16/16 Mbit/sec - 16 AZN
FO-Biznes-18 18/18 Mbit/sec - 18 AZN
FO-Biznes-20 20/20 Mbit/sec - 20 AZN
FO-Biznes-25 25/25 Mbit/sec - 25 AZN
FO-Biznes-30 30/30 Mbit/sec - 30 AZN
FO-Biznes-35 35/35 Mbit/sec - 35 AZN
FO-Biznes-45 45/45 Mbit/sec - 39 AZN
FO-Biznes-50 50/50 Mbit/sec - 45 AZN
FO-Biznes-55 55/55 Mbit/sec - 50 AZN
FO-Biznes-60 60/60 Mbit/sec - 65 AZN
FO-Biznes-65 65/65 Mbit/sec - 85 AZN
FO-Biznes-70 70/70 Mbit/sec - 100 AZN
FO-Biznes-80 80/80 Mbit/sec - 120 AZN
FO-Biznes-95 95/95 Mbit/sec - 150 AZN
FO-Biznes-100 100/100 Mbit/sec - 170 AZN
FO-Biznes-150 150/150 Mbit/sec - 300 AZN
Monthly amount 0 AZN
Discount price 0 AZN