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1. When can the subscriber’s tariff be changed?

In order to check his tariff package, a subscriber must apply to our office with his identity card and his balance must be filled to the amount corresponding to the new tariff plan of the subscriber.

2. Where can the subscribers get the news about the company?

All news are available on, at online chat on site and 159 Subscribers Centre. Besides, subscribers may obtain informations on the company's in social media accounts like in facebook, twitter, instagram, google+, youtube, linkedin. Also news are publishing in media outlets.

3. How can a subscriber check his balance (money on balance)?

A subscriber can check his balance by calling 159 in IVR systeme or by operator of this Call service.

4. Can a subscriber freeze his personal balance?

 If a subscriber wishes to suspend the fiber-optic service, he can apply to us in a written form. The maximal term of freezing a balance is 2 months and the cost of freezing is AZN 3 per month

5. How can I pay for services?

You can pay via Internet, pay points, Customer Services and dealer points, as well as using payment cards.

6. What happens in case no service fee is paid upon completion of the calculation period?

In the absence of money on the user’s balance, the internet speed drops to 64 Kb/sec and the calculation is made by a standard tariff within 7 days. If no payment is made in those seven days, the service suspends automatically and the account remains active within the next 15 days. If the user does not pay the fee within this period, the contract shall be terminated. Reconnection after the termination of the contract shall be paid. The fee for connection to the services again is 5 AZN.

7. How long does the connection take once the contract is signed?

Connection is carried out within 3 (three) working days after conclusion of a contract.

8. Which documents are required from a subscriber?

For connection to the fiber-optik internet service of company subscriber with his (her) ID card should apply to the Dealer and Customer Service Offices, or call to 159 Subscriber Service and make inquiry. Subscriber for connetcion may apply also to site.

9. When does the calculation period start?

  The monthly subscription fee shall be calculated from the day of signing the delivery and acceptance certificate and activation of the service. The calculation period for the indicated service is 30 calendar days.

10. What does FTTB mean?

 FTTB (Fiber To The Building) means laying a fiber-optic cable to a building. Simply saying, optic fiber is laid from the center of our network to your building and then is distributed among aparments through Ethernet (using special cables).


Monthly subscription fee

Choose a channel package Number of TV services
110 TV channels
127 TV channels
Choose your speed Speed (Mbit/sec)
Internet ADSL
2/1 Mbit/sec - 11 AZN
4/1 Mbit/sec - 12 AZN
6/1 Mbit/sec - 14 AZN
8/1 Mbit/sec - 15 AZN
12/1 Mbit/sec - 20 AZN
16/1 Mbit/sec - 30 AZN
20/1 Mbit/sec - 40 AZN
24/1 Mbit/sec - 45 AZN
Biznes 16/1 Mbit/sec - 30 AZN
Biznes 20/1 Mbit/sec - 40 AZN
Biznes 24/1 Mbit/sec - 45 AZN
Internet Fiberoptic
FO-EV-4 4/4 Mbit/sec - 12 AZN
FO-EV-18 18/18 Mbit/sec - 15 AZN
FO-EV-20 20/20 Mbit/sec - 18 AZN
FO-EV-30 30/30 Mbit/sec - 20 AZN
FO-EV-35 35/35 Mbit/sec - 25 AZN
FO-EV-45 45/45 Mbit/sec - 35 AZN
FO-EV-50 50/50 Mbit/sec - 40 AZN
FO-EV-55 55/55 Mbit/sec - 50 AZN
FO-EV-60 60/60 Mbit/sec - 60 AZN
FO-EV-70 70/70 Mbit/sec - 80 AZN
FO-EV-80 80/80 Mbit/sec - 100 AZN
FO-EV-90 90/90 Mbit/sec - 130 AZN
FO-EV-100 100/100 Mbit/sec - 160 AZN
FO-Biznes-4 4/4 Mbit/sec - 12 AZN
FO-Biznes-16 16/16 Mbit/sec - 16 AZN
FO-Biznes-18 18/18 Mbit/sec - 18 AZN
FO-Biznes-20 20/20 Mbit/sec - 20 AZN
FO-Biznes-25 25/25 Mbit/sec - 25 AZN
FO-Biznes-45 45/45 Mbit/sec - 39 AZN
FO-Biznes-50 50/50 Mbit/sec - 45 AZN
FO-Biznes-55 55/55 Mbit/sec - 50 AZN
FO-Biznes-60 60/60 Mbit/sec - 65 AZN
FO-Biznes-65 65/65 Mbit/sec - 85 AZN
FO-Biznes-70 70/70 Mbit/sec - 100 AZN
FO-Biznes-80 80/80 Mbit/sec - 120 AZN
FO-Biznes-95 95/95 Mbit/sec - 150 AZN
FO-Biznes-100 100/100 Mbit/sec - 170 AZN
FO-Biznes-150 150/150 Mbit/sec - 300 AZN
Monthly amount 0 AZN
Discount price 0 AZN