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Campaigns: Discount rates

Campaigns: Discount rates

Campaigns: Discount rates

Now connecting to CONNECT TV is absolutely free!

Great offer for the first 100 people who call 159 to connect to CONNECT TV! Now connecting to CONNECT TV is now absolutely free!

İnstalling: free

TV tuner: free

Duration of the campaign: 20.10.2019-20.11.2019


* The company reserves the right to withdraw equipment if the monthly subscription fee from the subscriber is not paid. The discount on a monthly subscription fee, from the moment of connection, will not be applied during one year for two or more TV at the same address.


We are launching a new campaign!


Connect to high-speed Internet from CONNECT and get a connection card for NNTV service with a three-month Premium subscription for free.

Link to download NNTV mobile application: 

For more information: 159

whatsapp.(+99455) 510 88 48


New ULTRA HD-4K tariff plan

Now your favorite channels in high definition! Choose Ultra HD-4K tarif plan and enjoy high definition!

At the moment there are 11 channels in the new tariff plan.*


*pluged-in TV must have an input for the Cam-module and support 4K technology. The number of channels is going to be increased.


New Campaign from CONNECT for ADSL sevice- «Come join!».

Great opportunity to return to CONNECT! With a free reconnection, all debts are reset!

Terms and duration of the campaign:

Campaign duration is one month.

Each subscriber can participate in the campaign only 1 time.


Campaign Rules:


1.All debts are reset.
2.Payment according to the selected tariff plan.
3.Reconnecting is free.


For more information: tel. (012) 159

WhatsApp. (+ 99455) 505 88 48


We start the campaign "Maximum speed"!

We increased the speed of the Internet up to 3 times!

Just pay monthly fee, become the participation of the campaign "Maximum speed"

For additional information 159.

Choose CONNECT, exceed the borders of speed!


Campaign start date: 01.08.2019


Summer Campaign started!


From July 20 to August 20, 2019, starts the Summer Campaign for individual TV subscribers.

During the campaign, 10 subscribers who paid the highest amount for a subscription fee will receive a chance to win the following prizes:

1st place - a weekly trip for two in the recreation area “Park Qusar”.

2 - 8 places - NNTV receiver with free 6 month subscription.

9 - 10 places - 3-month free TV subscription

Spend the last days of summer with CONNECT TV!

Note: The amount paid during the campaign is not refundable.


Super action from NNTV!

Connection - free Equipment - 60 AZN + 6 months free broadcasting (Premium package) Duration: 3 months

Super action from CONNECT!

Connection - free. Monthly payment (by subscriber) 2nd month (1 + 1 campaign) Note: This campaign can be used only once. DURATION: 1 month

Super action from CONNECT FO!

Installation - 10 AZN Cable 1 meter 0.50 qepik . Just a tuner - 60 AZN + 2 months free (Premium Package) - After 2 months automatic tariff is transferred to standard package DURATION: 3 months

Super action from CONNECT FO!

Installation - 10 AZN Cable 1 meter 0.50 cents Equipment (antenna + tuner) 70 AZN + 2 months free (Premium package) - After 2 months, the automatic tariff will be transferred to the standard package Sadec tuner - 60 AZN + 2 months DURATION: 3 months

Super action from CONNECT FO!

For new and existing subscribers: 6 month prepaid monthly subscription fee is 1 month If monthly subscription fee is 12 months pre-paid 2 months (12 + 2 FO) Duration: Unlimited

Campaign for customers who are in debt!

Re-connect - for free

NOTE: Monthly subscription fee must be paid 2 months in advance and the 3rd month will be a gift

  Note: This campaign is available only once.

DURATION: 2 months


Super action from CONNECT!

1 + 1 campaign:  

Re-subscription (for non-lender subscribers) –purchase

 The 1st month is paid by the subscriber. 2nd month is a gift. 

Duration: 1 month

 Note: This campaign is only available once.


Exchange old for new!

Returning the old SD receiver, pay only 45 AZN and get a new HD receiver, as well as a month of free viewing. Do not miss your chance.


For subscribers of CONNECT TV!



Give us an old SD receiver, get a new HD receiver and 3 months of free viewing in just 70 AZN.


New action from "СONNECT"

Everyone who connects to NNTV will get 107 chanells for 8 AZN,122 chanells for 10 AZN!


Join to CONNECT and get a discount!


For new CONNECT TV subscribers by paying 129 AZN, provided TV equipments (TV resiver,LNB,aerial,bracket and etc.) and 6 months (Standart tariff package) or 4 months (Premium tariff package) view.


CONNECT TV launches a new stimulated campaign - "Bring Your Friend"


One of the most quickly growing operators in the sphere of a cable television - CONNECT TV since August 1, 2015, year begins a new stimulated campaign called "Bring Your Friend". According to the rules of campaign, subscribers of cable television while inviting and subscribing their friends to CONNECT TV services, will receive free watch of channel package to which they are already subscribe.



For information about ongoing campaigns enter the following details:

In 0559876543 format


Monthly subscription fee

Choose a channel package Number of TV services
110 TV channels
125 TV channels
Choose your speed Speed (Mbit/sec)
Internet ADSL
2/1 Mbit/sec - 11 AZN
4/1 Mbit/sec - 12 AZN
6/1 Mbit/sec - 14 AZN
8/1 Mbit/sec - 15 AZN
12/1 Mbit/sec - 20 AZN
16/1 Mbit/sec - 30 AZN
20/1 Mbit/sec - 40 AZN
24/1 Mbit/sec - 45 AZN
Biznes 16/1 Mbit/sec - 30 AZN
Biznes 20/1 Mbit/sec - 40 AZN
Biznes 24/1 Mbit/sec - 45 AZN
Internet Fiberoptic
FO-EV-4 4/4 Mbit/sec - 12 AZN
FO-EV-18 18/18 Mbit/sec - 15 AZN
FO-EV-20 20/20 Mbit/sec - 18 AZN
FO-EV-30 30/30 Mbit/sec - 20 AZN
FO-EV-35 35/35 Mbit/sec - 25 AZN
FO-EV-45 45/45 Mbit/sec - 35 AZN
FO-EV-50 50/50 Mbit/sec - 40 AZN
FO-EV-55 55/55 Mbit/sec - 50 AZN
FO-EV-60 60/60 Mbit/sec - 60 AZN
FO-EV-70 70/70 Mbit/sec - 80 AZN
FO-EV-80 80/80 Mbit/sec - 100 AZN
FO-EV-90 90/90 Mbit/sec - 130 AZN
FO-EV-100 100/100 Mbit/sec - 160 AZN
FO-Biznes-4 4/4 Mbit/sec - 12 AZN
FO-Biznes-16 16/16 Mbit/sec - 16 AZN
FO-Biznes-18 18/18 Mbit/sec - 18 AZN
FO-Biznes-20 20/20 Mbit/sec - 20 AZN
FO-Biznes-25 25/25 Mbit/sec - 25 AZN
FO-Biznes-45 45/45 Mbit/sec - 39 AZN
FO-Biznes-50 50/50 Mbit/sec - 45 AZN
FO-Biznes-55 55/55 Mbit/sec - 50 AZN
FO-Biznes-60 60/60 Mbit/sec - 65 AZN
FO-Biznes-65 65/65 Mbit/sec - 85 AZN
FO-Biznes-70 70/70 Mbit/sec - 100 AZN
FO-Biznes-80 80/80 Mbit/sec - 120 AZN
FO-Biznes-95 95/95 Mbit/sec - 150 AZN
FO-Biznes-100 100/100 Mbit/sec - 170 AZN
FO-Biznes-150 150/150 Mbit/sec - 300 AZN
Monthly amount 0 AZN
Discount price 0 AZN